• Proof of the Triple and Twin Prime Conjectures Using the Sindaram Sieve Method

    Since Dr. Yitang Zhang proved in 2013 that there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers differing by 70 million, it has been proved now that there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers differing by 246. In this paper, we use the sieve method invented by Snndaram in 1934 to find out the solution of triple prime numbers and twin prime numbers, and find the general solution formula of the subset, i.e, a +b which is result of each subset, such as 3n+1, 5n+2, 7n+3, 9n+4, 11n+5, 13n+6, 15n+7, 17n+8, ... in 2mn+n+m, modulo x respectively ( x≥3 takes prime). This general solution formula is used to prove the triple prime conjecture and the twin prime conjecture.
    Authors: Zhixuan Yan Kuiying Yan
    SQPreprints, Volume 1, Issue 1 DOI:
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    Kushen, a traditional Chinese medicine, has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, reducing inflammation and detoxifying, and its alkaloids are its main anti-tumor substances. In recent years, as the extract of Kushen, compound Kushen injection has the characteristics of significant anti-tumor efficacy and few side effects, it is often combined with various anti-tumor treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and targeted therapy in clinical practice in China. This paper summarizes the animal and clinical experiments of cervical, breast, gastric, and colon cancer through the drug effect of the compound Kushen injection. Many studies have shown that compound Kushen injection mainly exerts its anti-tumor effect by regulating tumor cell proliferation, inducing tumor cell apoptosis, reducing tumor angiogenesis, and improving body immunity. Based on traditional anti-tumor therapy, adding the compound Kushen injection can have a more apparent therapeutic effect on patients, reduce the side effects of anti-tumor therapy, improve patients' quality of life, and prolong patients' survival time. This paper significantly summarizes the research on the anti-tumor treatment of compound Kushen injection, further clarifies the anti-tumor effect of the effective extracts of traditional Chinese medicine, which provides a basis for future anti-tumor research of compound Kushen injection and a basis for the clinical promotion of the drug.
    Authors: Lan Yang Jenny Jie ChenBrian Sheng-Xian TeoJiong ZhangMingqiang Jiang
    Journal of Cancer Sciences (Hong Kong), Volume 2, Issue 1 DOI:
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  • Exploration of Continuous Compound Interest in Complex Numbers

    In the past, the interest rate functions, including continuous compound interest rate functions, were solved in real numbers. Scholars believe that interest rate functions in the other numeral system are meaningless for most financial markets. In the development of the times, financial events such as negative interest rates continue to break out, and more financial black swan events can happen beyond the current financial investment theory; The exploration of the formula of continuous compound interest rate from the perspective of complex numbers will help us find more features of the law of the financial market.
    Authors: Hejun Xu
    Journal of New Economics and Finance, Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI:
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  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Continuous and Rotational Grazing Systems——A Case Study in Maqu County, China

    The rotational grazing systems (RGS) have been advocated as a superior grazing strategy by the Chinese government based on their significant ecological advantage compared to continuous grazing systems (CGS). In practice, however, due to the low-adoption rate of RGS the favorable effect is limited. This study analyzed the total production cost, gross production value, and net margin of CGS and RGS from the perspective of cost benefits. Data were collected from telephone and face-to-face questionnaire survey of 121 randomly sampled households in Maqu County in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The results indicate that although economic benefits were achieved by herder households in both CGS and RGS, the total production costs spent on each sheep unit in RGS were higher than in the overall that of the total households, and the gross production values produced by herder households from livestock products were lower than in the overall that of the total households due to the difference in production practices. This finding suggests that higher production costs may reduce herders’ adoption rate of RGS. Furthermore, the transfer from CGS to RGS also implies that herders may have to face the challenge the change in production practices related to native grass availability, forage seeding, supplementary feeding, livestock transfer, and grazing duration. The policy implications of these findings towards the implementation of rotational grazing systems are as follows: first, policy makers can consider bringing higher economic advantages to the adopters of rotational grazing systems via incentives; Second, policy measures should assist herders to be able to adapt more easily to the production practices in RGS.
    Authors: Sanqiang DU Kumi YASUNOBUAsres ELIASYuki TOYAMA
    Journal of Agriculture Research, Volume 1, Issue 2 DOI:
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