• Practical Analysis of Integrating Ecological Civilization Construction into Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities

    In the curriculum system of colleges and universities, ideological and political courses are compulsory. This course aims to lead college students to understand the latest national policy guidelines and strategies and to help them establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and always strive to contribute to the cause of social justice construction. The construction of ecological civilization is a long-term construction task. This construction task is closely related to ideological and political education. This connection has gradually infiltrated the construction of ecological civilization in major universities' ideological and political classrooms. Based on this, this paper focuses on analyzing the strategy of integrating the construction of ecological civilization into teaching ideological and political courses in colleges and universities, which has to guide value for the actual teaching work.
    Authors: Mingyu Zhang Pei ZhangDongdong Zheng
    Journal of Educational Research Progress, Volume 4, Issue 1 DOI:
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  • Teaching Exploration and Reformation of University General Education Curriculum Appreciation of Russian Film -Taking Shihezi University as an Example

    The course "Appreciation of Russian Film " is one of the general education curriculums of Shihezi University. Taking Shihezi University as an example, this paper introduces the background of this course, its teaching content, and its essential role in general education. Via analyzing and summarizing questionnaire survey results, the interest orientation of students' Learning was obtained, and ideas for further improvement and optimization of the course construction and reformation were put forward.
    Authors: Reaihan E Tianlei DongShuang LiYunyun Mao
    Journal of Educational Research Progress, Volume 3, Issue 1 DOI:
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  • Proof of ABC Conjecture

    This paper utilizes the fact that the prime factor among all factors in the root number rad (c) can only be a power of 1. Then, analyze all combinations of c that satisfy rad (c)=c, calculate the value of the combination, and find the maximum and minimum values of the root number rad, as well as the maximum exponent between them. Using this maximum exponent then an equivalent inequality is constructed to prove the ABC conjecture.
    Authors: Xiaohui Li
    SQPreprints, Volume 1, Issue 1 DOI:
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  • Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer by Compound Matrine Injection Combined with Paclitaxel

    Objective triple-negative breast cancer was described, and the newly published treatment status of the compound matrine injection combined with paclitaxel for triple-negative breast cancer was briefly described. Methods "Triple-negative breast cancer, compound the matrine injection, paclitaxel, treatment" were used as Chinese keywords. Using "Triple Negative Breast Cancer, compound Kushen injection, Paclitaxel PTX and treatment" as English keywords, a systematic search was conducted on CNKI and PubMed databases. Inclusion criteria: (1) Basic overview of triple-negative breast cancer; (2) basic treatment methods of triple-negative breast cancer; (3) Exclusion criteria for the treatment of breast cancer by compound the matrine injection combined with paclitaxel: the literature with obsolete data and low credibility were finally included in 21 pieces of literature for analysis.
    Authors: Kenian Pan Zhongren GaiBo Tian
    Journal of Medicine and Surgery Research, Volume 1, Issue 2 DOI:
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