• Changes in Novice Teachers' Identity Construction: A Case Study of Two Novice Teachers in Central China

    This paper conducts a case study of two pre-service English teachers majoring in Master of English Education. By analyzing their self-reflection journals and interviews during the internship process, this paper reveals how pre-service teachers construct their professional identity during the teaching internship process. Based on it, this paper further discusses the main factors that affect the construction of their professional identity. The analysis found that the two novice teachers experienced four different stages during their internship. Besides, internal factors such as cognitive ability, professional ethic, interpersonal communication, self-evaluation, career development motivation, and external factors such as work environment and teaching guidance have positively affected their identity construction.
  • Developing Strategies For An Easy Way To Learn Chinese Through Creative Activities

    Chinese is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, although the techniques are limited. This article shows the method and process of foreigners learning Chinese through case studies and suggests learning Chinese through creative activities.
  • Do CFO Statuses Influence Corporate Liquidity Decisions?-Evidence From China

    Based on the unique cultural environment in China and from the unique perspective of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in corporate senior management, we systematically examine and analyze the impact of CFO status on corporate liquidity decisions. Using the data of A-share listed companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2014 to 2019 and empirical analysis, we find that the CFO status is a key to corporate governance, especially liquidity decisions. Our results show that CFO status influences the cash holding level while positively influencing the financial leverage. Our study helps improve corporate governance structure and the decision-making process.
  • Exploring New Approach to Ideological and Political Education in Postgraduate Courses: A Case Study of Stylistics in Foreign Language and Literature

    Present literature on Ideological and Political Education at the tertiary level focused more on elaborating on its significance rather than its teaching practice. In teaching practice, problems and difficulties exist in designing teaching content, teaching methods, and evaluation systems. This paper took Stylistics, a professional course for postgraduates majoring in Foreign Languages and Literature, as an example to explore the new approach to Ideological and Political Education in professional courses in Higher Education. The characteristics and importance of stylistics were discussed, and the significance of IPE in stylistics was interpreted. Besides, this paper proposed a teaching model with precise contents, effective methods, and an evaluation system, with the hope of providing a beneficial reference for the construction of IPE in courses for professional courses of postgraduate students.