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Chinese Mythological Elements and Contemporary Art Works

"Contemporary art" is an "alternative construction" that seeks a way out in the context of "modernity". It is a work of art constructed using the way of thinking of contemporary people; it is the development of post-modern art and continues after modern art and is derived from it; it is a new concept, new form, and new path. Chinese totem aesthetic art has substantial symbolic value and significance. Among the art categories, dance dramas with mythological themes deeply explore elements of various regions, ethnic groups, and dance types and incorporate traditional dance vocabulary. A large amount of vocabulary is used in dance dramas with mythological themes. This vocabulary not only makes the dance dramas present a unique national style but also sorts out and excavates the cultural relics of different mythological themes, effectively promoting the fullness of dance dramas with mythological themes.
International Art ResearchVolume 3, Issue 1, Page 1-7, Publish Date:2024-03-24

The Effect of Persistent High Intraocular Pressure Treated by Phacoemulsification Combined with Goniosynechialysis in Eyes with Acute Primary Angle- closure Glaucoma

AIM: To investigate the availability and safety of phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis for patients with persistent high intraocular pressure in acute primary angle-closure glaucoma. METHODS: Retrospective study. The clinical data of 31 patients (31 eyes) with persistent high intraocular pressure of primary angle-closure glaucoma treated in our center from January 2018 to April 2022 were collected. Each patient underwent phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis after removing the cloudy corneal epithelium and recording the best corrected visual acuity(BCVA), intraocular pressure, and the appearance of the anterior chamber All data were analyzed statistically. RESULTS: After surgical treatment, the best corrected visual acuity was 0.70 (0.30, 0.90) 1 week, 0.30 (0.20, 0.50), 1 month, 0.30 (0.10,0.40), 3 months after surgery, and 0.30 (0.20,0.40) at the last follow-up, respectively, and it was significantly higher than preoperative 1.40 (1.10,2.00) (P < 0.01). The intraocular pressure was 16.20 (12.30,19.40) mmHg, 11.90 (10.80,14.20) mmHg, 13.80 (12.10,16.20) mmHg, 0.30 (0.10,0.40) mmHg and 11.70 (10.40, 12.40) mmHg at 1 day, 1week, 1 month, 3 months, and the last follow-up, and were significantly lower than preoperative 38.60(33.90,42.80)mmHg (P <0.01 ). The central anterior chamber depth and anterior chamber angle width were significantly different between pre-operation and each visit time after the operation (P < 0.01). CONCLUSION: Phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis is a safe and feasible method to treat patients of acute primary angle-closure glaucoma eyes with persistent high intraocular pressure, which can reopen the anterior chamber angle, control intraocular pressure, and improve the visual acuity.
Medical Journal of OphthalmologyVolume 1, Issue 2, Page 1-7, Publish Date:2024-03-18

Network Calculus Theory and Application: A New Graduate Course for Engineering Students

With the development of modern networks, the quality of service guarantee has become even more important than before. However, various new types of traffic and heterogeneous network architecture make it quite challenging to evaluate the quality of service, such as delay and reliability. Therefore, a novel analysis method is needed to solve this situation. Network calculus is a theory used to analyze the queueing problems in networks, which is the main content to be taught in this graduate course. Before network calculus theory is introduced, the classical queueing theory will be taught. Then, the mathematical fundamentals of network calculus, such as min-plus algebra and cumulative arrival/service process, will be introduced. Next, two branches of network calculus, i.e., deterministic network calculus and stochastic network calculus, will be introduced separately, including the definition of deterministic/stochastic arrival curve and service curve, as well as important theorems, such as delay theorem, flow aggregation theorem, server concatenation theorem. After the theoretical knowledge, practical content will be taught in two parts. First, students are encouraged to establish system models based on their graduate research topics, analyze the service guarantee of their models, and present their work in class. Second, a traffic data collection platform will be taught, and students will collect various traffic data and analyze traffic characteristics based on network calculus theory. Based on the feedback from students during the past three years, students are satisfied with this new course because it focuses on frontier technology and the teaching activities are well-organized.
Journal of Educational Research ProgressVolume 4, Issue 1, Page 23-31, Publish Date:2024-02-19

The Aesthetic Education Value and Teaching Practice Approach of Dongpo Calligraphy —— Taking Huangzhou Cold Food Poems as an Example

The manuscript Huangzhou Cold Food Poems by Su Shi is a masterpiece of calligraphy art with significant aesthetic value and aesthetic significance. It is also a classic work of ancient Chinese literature and a model for language instruction. Combining the two can result in a teaching practice approach with a more profound significance for aesthetic education. It can also restore the creation background with the brushwork characteristics, supplemented by writing experience and a second creation of comprehensive art. This article takes the manuscript as an example to explore the aesthetic and educational value of Su Dongpo’s calligraphy and the practical teaching approach.
Authors:Liyun Zhao
Journal of Educational Research ProgressVolume 4, Issue 1, Page 11-22, Publish Date:2024-02-07



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