• Influence of Structural Break on the Power of ADF Unit Root Test

    With the changes in economic structure and social development, the paths of most economic variables show the characteristics of structural changes. Traditional unit root tests, such as ADF and PP tests, often lead to wrong conclusions about data stationarity characteristics when considering such structural variation factors. This paper considers the test power of ADF statistic with one structural break using Monte Carlo simulation when the data generating process has double breaks in both intercept and slope. The results show that when there is a structural break in the data generating process if the conventional unit root test is performing without considering this break, the ADF test is still efficient when the degree of the structural break is relatively low. Furthermore, this paper discusses the influence of the size of the sample, break position and break degree on the power of the ADF statistic test under the premise of a low break degree.
  • Interaction Analysis of Sports And Fitness Video Comments On Bilibili Video Website Based On Social Presence Theory

    Under the background of the Healthy China strategy and the particular period of the epidemic, online sports and fitness has developed rapidly. This paper analyzes the interaction between users in the social network. We select the sports and fitness videos of the Bilibili website as the research object. We use the network text analysis method to collect, organize and analyze the comment data of the selected users of the Bilibili video website on the sports and fitness videos. The three measurement dimensions of Bilibili analyze the review text data and conclude that the interaction behavior affects the social presence of Bilibili video website users.
  • Intestinal Flora Composition and Exploration of New Therapeutic Methods in Children with Autism

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social communication impairments, narrow range of interests or activities, and repetitive behaviors. Early diagnosis and early intervention can achieve better prognostic effects. Many studies have shown that the occurrence and development of ASD is closely related to intestinal flora disorder, which leads to an extremely increased probability of gastrointestinal symptoms in autism children. In addition, intestinal flora disorder in early life may pose a certain threat for infants, including early colonization of microorganisms and early antibiotic administration. Meanwhile, intestinal flora disorder in autistic children also change short-chain fatty acids, amino acids, neurotransmitters in blood. This review focuses on the above points and the possible new methods for the treatment of ASD, expecting to provide new ideas for the treatment of autistic children in addition to behavioral intervention.
  • Real Estate Valuation and Investment 0pportunity Analysis

    In this paper, we study how to value real estate and present the results of each real estate valuation. Finally, recommendations on how much should be offered to purchase this asset will be given through comparing the rents achievable, market conditions, and rental growth prospects.