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  • Chinese Mythological Elements AndContemporary Art Works

    Authors:DONGLIN CAI

    International Art Research

  • New Practice of College Physical Education: VR Assisted

    Authors:Thomas Wentworth

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • The effect of social media use on women's appearance anxiety--Take Little Red Book as an example

    Authors:Lin Liu

    Media and Communication Research

  • University Teaching Management System

    Authors:IMTIAZ AHMED

    Review of Artificial Intelligence

  • Research on the Copyrightability and Rights Allocation of Artificial Intelligence-Generated Contents: Take Image and Text Artificial Intelligence-Generated Contents as Examples

    Authors:HU Ruikai

    Journal of Law Review (Hong Kong)

  • nvestigating the Mechanisms for Nonprofit Organizations to Cultivate Public Trust: An Empirical Evaluation Based on Survey Data from Chinese Nonprofit Entities

    Authors:Yixuan Guo

    Journal of Social Sciences and Computing

  • 2012-2022 TRPC6 channel and podocyte research trends: a bibliometric study

    Authors:Junhua Deng

    Medical Journal of Diabetes

  • An Analysis of International Schools’ Adaptation in Hong Kong –A Case Study of YCIS, HKIS, and CIS

    Authors:Longfeng Mu

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • An Analysis of the Purpose, Significance and Impact of Rural Land Transfer Policies in China

    Authors:Sun Qinggang

    Journal of Agriculture Research

  • 2 cases of a rare posterior fossa mass; dysplastic cerebellar gangliocytoma

    Authors:Rui Ding

    Journal of Medicine and Surgery Research

  • test submission fee


    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • Carbon asset assessment for wind power generation in China

    Authors:Michael Lee

    Journal of New Economics and Finance

  • A Study on the Application of Langzhong Humanistic TouristResources in the Course Teaching of Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History in Local Higher Vocational College

    Authors:Shu Conghan

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • Realistic Difficulties and Realization Path of College Students' Career Development Planning in the New Era

    Authors:Huazhen He

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • A bibliometric and visual analysis of Acupuncture and Pain from 2014 to 2023

    Authors:Yu Jiang

    Journal of Medicine and Surgery Research

  • The strategies of fostering interaction in online classrooms — A conversation analysis of teacher-student verbal interaction in random questioning in pandemic-initiated online teaching

    Authors:Ping Zhang

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • Meta-analysis of postoperative alterations in vascular structure and function in patients with coarctation of the aorta

    Authors:Wang Z

    Medical Journal of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular (Hong Kong)

  • Study on Comparative Law of Housing reverse mortgage Loan system


    Journal of Law Review (Hong Kong)

  • Exploring the Relationship Between Teacher Beliefs and Practices: A practice-based approach

    Authors:Weizhen Ai

    Journal of Educational Research Progress

  • Blockchain and IoT technologies in agricultural traceability: a literature review

    Authors:Jiexiao Li

    Review of Artificial Intelligence