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Name Profile
Feifan Su Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Deputy director of Micro Nano Processing Laboratory.He has a Ph.D. degree in science.He has a postdoctoral in Materials Science.He is a Life member of Chinese Physical Society.
Xinyuan Zhuang Ph.D. in Universiti Sains Malaysia(USM).She has an educational background in culture and education.
Tian Gan Doctor of Applied Economics, Tongji University. Research assistant, University of Hong Kong. She has published many economic research papers in well-known journals and participated in several national fund projects.
Yongqiang Ji Postdoctoral researcher, School of physics, Peking University. PhD in science and materials engineering.
Xiaomeng Liu Doctor of cell biology, Peking University. At present, she is engaged in tumor related research in Sichuan Cancer Hospital, and her main research interests are tumor related genomics and epigenetics.

Xiaomeng Liu has published many academic papers, especially 7 academic articles in journals including nature communication, cell research and Science (as the co first author). The cumulative impact factor of Google Scholar for the published articles is as high as 144.
Zhibin Xu Raman University in Malaysia, doctor of biochemistry education background, member of ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Association in the United States, and served as the reviewer of many well-known journals. He has rich experience in the field of pharmacology and oncology.
Tianxin Liang He graduated from Renmin University of China with a Ph.D. degree in computer application.He focuses on natural language processing (NLP) research in artificial intelligence (AI).
Xiaoliang Ma Xidian UniversityHe has a Ph.D. education background in Electronic Information Engineering.
Yao Ni Nankai University.
He has a doctoral education background in Electronic Science and technology and his research interests are applied physics and micro nano electronic devices He have published more than 30 papers in concerned journals, such as nature communications, advanced materials, ACS Nano, nano energy, materials today physics, European Physical Journal Applied Physics, Acta physical Sinica, etc.
Haijun Gao Lanzhou University Ph.D. in Medicine.
He has published six academic papers and served as the editor and reviewer of five academic journals. His research interests are occurrence and evolution of liver diseases (liver parasitosis, liver fibrosis and liver cancer); exploration and pharmacology of new Drugs in liver cancer and liver infectious disease, etc.
Haoxuan Zou(Anderson) He received his Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University. At present, he continues his postdoctoral work at Columbia University.His research field is applied economics, and he has won Tsinghua interdisciplinary academic scholarships. At the same time, he has made extraordinary achievements in mathematics. He has won the first prize of Mathematical Olympiad, P.R.C, and many mathematics and data science awards at Tsinghua University.He has published many scientific research papers in the Journal of Applied Finance and Banking and other academic journals.
Qiang Yang Ph.D. education background in materials and chemical engineering, Beijing University of Technology.
Sunbin Deng Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School/HHMI.
As a postdoctoral researcher, he is currently working on the kinase regulation and protein-protein assembly interactions of yeast Kinetochore, using structural biology tools.
He obtained the Ph.D from University of Pennsylvania (Chemistry) and the BS degree from University of North Carolina at Greensboro(Biochemistry).
Meng Liu Doctor of Computer Science and Technology, National University of Defense Science and Technology. His research focuses on Temporary Graph Learning, Deep Clustering. He has published several academic papers in top journals and academic conferences, and served as the reviewer of the Pattern Recognition, ESWA, FGCS and other journal conferences. He has won the third prize in the mathematics competition of the Chinese Mathematics Association.
Yingjie Tian She graduated from Baotou Medical College of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology. She is now a doctor in the People's Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and has many years of medical experience in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and epidemic prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.
Yao Cheng He graduated from Capital Medical University in clinical medicine. He has worked in Beijing Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital and Xuanwu Hospital. At present, he works in Guizhou Kaiping Hospital. He is good at pediatrics and internal medicine, and has served as a training instructor for attending doctors in pediatrics and internal medicine for many times.
Haidong Sun KRIRK UNIVERSITY, Ph.D. education background in education.
Yuehui Liang Wuhan University.
He has Ph.D. education background in nutrition and food, as well as education experience in public health medicine, epidemiology and statistics.
He has published several SCI articles as the first author.
Zhiqiang Lv Ph.D., Institute of Ubiquitous Networks and Urban Computing, Qingdao University.
He has published more than 20 papers (including The Computer Journal, Data & Knowledge Engineering, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, KSII Transactions, IEEE ITSM, WARM, CAEE, IET ITS, etc.) in the field of social sciences and computing and intelligent transportation systems.
Ning Nie University of Southern California,Los Angeles, California, USA. He has a degree in chemical engineering, and has rich experience in the integration of battery materials and software solutions, especially in the development of battery management systems for electric vehicles. He had worked in the largest chemical materials company, for 7 years. He had led over twenty battery cell and module development projects, and developed hundreds of recipes for our pouch cell, many of which went into production and delivered to our vehicle customers. Additionally, He had led the product development and decision process, which has become the criterion for all battery product development in our organization.
He also worked as the Project Manager of the Prismatic Cell R&D Laboratory, I oversaw the construction of the production line and managed the operations.
Yi Wang National University of Singapore, Innovation Management Research, Post doctoral.
Mokyuan University (Korea), Doctor of Economics.
Yi Zhu He graduated from Guizhou Medical University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, with clinical and internal medicine related medical education background. At present, he works in the People's Hospital of Yunyan District, Guiyang City as the deputy chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine. He has rich experience in clinical, endocrine diabetes and other medical related fields. He is a senior member of international medical organizations, including the European Association for diabetes Research (EASD), the Asian diabetes Society (AASD), the International Society of Pathophysiology, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and the American Internal Medical Council (ABIM), the International diabetes Federation (IDF) and the European Accreditation Committee for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) The American Association of Clinical Endocrinology, etc. In China, he served as an expert consultant for the relevant key research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Health and Health Commission, and served as a training physician in institutions such as the Respiratory Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases.
Xuewen Wang University Putra Malaysia (Malaysia), Doctor of Education Technology, and he also has a master's degree in physics. He has participated in research projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund. His research interests is the interdisciplinary research field of physics and mathematics.
Wenbin Zhang Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
He has published several medical research articles, including SCI journal articles. His research focuses on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases by traditional Chinese medicine.
Zhihao Xu Qingdao University. He has Ph.D. education background in computer and artificial intelligence. Main research interests: artificial intelligence, computer engineering, intelligent systems. He has published a number of scientific research papers, and has served as a reviewer for many well-known journals in the field of artificial intelligence.
Lu Liu Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Optoelectronic Thin Film Devices and Technology, Nankai University. Her research interests are the fabrication and developments of neuromorphic electronics, flexible electronics and electrohydrodynamic nanowire (e-NW) printing. She has published 18 papers in respected journals, such as Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Nano Energy, Advanced Science, etc.
Zhihao Xu He is the director of the mental health education guidance center of Jiangxi Water Conservancy Vocational College and a lecturer in psychology. He is a national psychologist (grade II), a member of the Chinese Psychological Society and the Jiangxi psychological counselor association. He has published several academic papers and several books on psychology.
Zhen Chen Doctorate degree in literature, College of Otani University, Japan. University of Nottingham D H. Lawrence Research Center (visiting scholar). Currently, he is an assistant professor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at City University of Macau. Research interests: cross-cultural, cultural criticism, intangible cultural heritage, linguistic and cultural characteristics, D H. Lawrence research, etc. He has published several academic research papers.
Yuan Li Department of Pharmacology
Shandong University
Shuo Wang Doctor of Ecology, Qufu Normal University. He has educational background in biological science, zoology and ecology, and has published several academic papers.
Qiushi Wang Southeast University, public health education background. He is now the deputy director of the Public Health and Health Management Department of the Second People's Hospital of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. His research interests include the prevention and control of chronic diseases, the pathogenesis of diabetes, etc.
Qingyun Zeng Dr. Zeng is a Research Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania specialized in mathematics and its applications in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and finance. His research interests include: differential geometry and topology, topological deep learning, computational geometry and machine perception, mathematical and statistical modelling in finance and economics. He got his Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, fully supported by the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship. Before that, he studied pure mathematics at the University of Cambridge, fully supported by the Wing-Yip Cambridge Scholarship. He is also the Co-Founder and Vice President of Hunan Yunlu Hi-tech Co., Ltd.
Yiyun Zheng Doctor of Surgery, Lanzhou University. Her research fields are surgery and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.
Yuan Zheng Assistant Professor ,Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.
Wei Cheng Deputy Secretary General of the Psychological Crisis Intervention Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society; Executive Director of the China Application Project of the World Health Organization's "Problem Manager"; Head of the "psychological assistance plan for helping people" of the Chinese Psychological Society's anti epidemic peace of mind action; Research project supervisor of the PI Group on Psychological Trauma and Psychological Assistance at the Chinese Institute of Scientific Psychology; Vice Chairman of the Social and Psychological Service Working Committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Population and Culture; Translator of "Problem Managers (PM+): Providing Personal Psychological Guidance for Adults Faced with Adversity" by the World Health Organization; Specially appointed psychological expert from the China Children's and Youth Foundation; Expert from CCTV's Psychological Interview; Deputy Editor in Chief of the "Children's Home Service Manual" of the All China Women's Federation; Deputy Director of the Wuhan Workstation of the Chinese Psychological Society's "Safe Action against Epidemics"; Changsha Workstation Executive Station Master Emergency General Hospital Anti epidemic Psychological Assistance Expert; Teacher of MBCT (Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy) at Oxford University Mindfulness Center.
Her main research areas include psychological assistance and trauma intervention, mindfulness and emotional management, family therapy and intimate relationships, and research on children's focus. Engaged in long-term frontline psychological intervention and professional training, combining mindfulness with stress management, family therapy, parent-child rearing, crisis intervention, and other intervention work. I have been engaged in the dissemination of psychological science for a long time and have hosted multiple psychological programs such as CCTV and Beijing Television.
She has published several academic papers in research journals.
Yizhou Zeng He graduated from Lin Guorong University of Creative Technology (Malaysia) with a doctor's degree. His research interests are art and management.
Currently, he is a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin(Thailand), and a visiting professor of Guizhou Institute of Engineering Application Technology.
He has published several academic papers and art related books , and applied for a number of patents in the film field. Many films directed by him have won high praise in film festivals over the years.
Junwei Lu Brooks University, USA. He has medical and health management and nursing education background. He has published many academic papers on the rehabilitation and treatment of brain tumors, diabetes and other diseases.
Kai Liu He graduated from Hebei Agricultural University majoring in horticulture (fruitology) with a doctor's degree and is currently an associate professor. He has been engaged in research on plant fruiting physiology and molecular biology, horticultural plant cultivation and breeding, and plant tissue culture of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. He has successively presided over and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key R&D Program, the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province, and two horizontal projects, and published more than 20 scientific research papers.
Jie Bai The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, Department of Ophthalmology. She has a doctor's degree related to medicine. Currently, she is an associate chief physician, an associate researcher, and a master's supervisor. She published 9 SCI papers as the first author and corresponding author, with a cumulative impact factor of 41.118; She published nine articles in Chinese core journals as the first author and corresponding author. She has participated in the compilation of 3 books (one in chief) and has presided over five projects (one from the National Natural Science Foundation of China).
Chuansong Cheng Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University. He has a professional education background in the fields of nutrition, food safety, and food engineering, and has published several academic papers.
Yi Wang Guangxi University
He has many years of engineering and research experience in pollution control and environmental protection. Degree in environment.
He is good at environmental materials and environmental chemistry.
He has published dozens of scientific research papers related to environmental governance and protection.
Senbiao Chen He graduated from South China University of technology and has a clinical medical education background.
At present, he is a professional doctor, and his research field is related to cancer.
He has published 9 articles in professional journals and obtained relevant patents
Minghui Dong Taiyuan University of technologyHe has Material physics and chemistry education background.He has published many scientific research papers on materials, optics, electronics, and in Chinese and English academic journals.
Wenwu Zhou Tibet University, with a doctoral education background in ecology, focuses on the direction of environmental monitoring and ecological security of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. His current research focuses on solid waste treatment and recycling. He has published more than 10 scientific research papers in academic journals related to resources, environment and ecology.
Lipai Zhang From Shanghai Foreign Studies University, with a Ph.D. education background related to education and economic research
Longxun Jiang He graduated from Capital Medical University and is now the deputy chief physician of the preventive health care department of Beijing Fengtai Health Service Center. His research fields are: community health care, immunization planning, maternal and child health care, mental health, epidemiological design, statistical analysis, etc. He has published 14 papers in the core journals as the first author and received support from the Beijing Capital Health Development Fund.
lei zhang Peking University, with a Ph.D. education background in architectural art
Maohua Li He graduated from Szent lstván University with a Ph.D. degree in finance. He has published many articles in the fields of finance, accounting and environment.
Linbo Wang He graduated from Central China Normal University with a doctorate in education. He is currently working as a lecturer in the Academic Affairs Office of Chongqing Preschool Teachers College. He mainly studies the principles of higher education, higher education management, and teacher education, and has published several academic articles and monographs.
Yang Tang Chongqing Jiaotong University, with a degree in bridge and tunnel engineering and civil engineering. He has successfully completed the research of many important engineering projects related to bridges and tunnels. He has published dozens of scientific research papers in academic journals and obtained relevant patents.
Yun Lan He graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, majoring in organic chemistry, with a doctor's degree. He is a researcher in organic synthesis at Shanghai Yuansi Standard Technology Co., Ltd. He has published 13 SCI papers, with the highest single paper cited more than 120 times and a total of more than 700 times. Currently, as the project leader, he presided over the "National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project" and participated in a project of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission as a key member.
Yang Chen Shenyang University of technology, with a doctoral education background in metal material engineering, and a degree in thermal engineering and fluid machinery. He has published many scientific research papers and has dozens of invention patents.
Yao Gao Shanxi University, Ph.D. in biology
His research fields include herbal biology, bioengineering, clinical and traditional Chinese medicine.
Jiaming Dou Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering and Automation, Beijing Jiaotong University. His main interests include the application of AI in integrated energy systems, optimal control of building lighting systems, and the application of interpretable artificial intelligence in power systems. In the past three years, he have accumulated more than twenty papers in English and Chinese, including Journal of Energy Storage (IF=8.9) and other journals. He have served as reviewer for conferences such as China Automation Conference and China Control and Decision Conference.
Wei Cheng Jining Medical College.
He has professional education background in clinical medicine and rich experience as a doctor.
Chunlei Hu Graduated from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with a PhD. He has a background in economics and accounting education. He has published multiple academic papers and multiple translated works. His current research field is related to ecological civilization.
Lei Xie Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ph.D. in medicine. At present, he is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Sichuan Urology Hospital.He is good at clinical treatment and traditional Chinese medicine and has rich clinical medical experience.
He has participated in a number of scientific research projects supported by national funds.
He has published more than 20 medical papers in medical journals and many medical books.
Xiaoying Li Professor, he graduated from Henan University, School of History and Culture, Doctor of Cultural History. His research direction is pre Qin Taoist philosophy, and he has published over 50 academic papers. He has led multiple national, provincial, and ministerial level social science fund projects.
Michel Chen Sophia University (U.S.), she has a doctor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in economics.
Zhangli Wu University Putra Malaysia(Malaysia)Faculty of Educational Studies.She has a Ph.D. education background and many years of practical experience in education and teaching.
Wei Wang Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Senior engineer.
Wenbiao Chen School of information management, Peking University
Zhanghua Wu School of economics and management ,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Jinfeng Wei Business School of Guangxi University
Jiemin Zhao Weifang Medical College.
She has professional education background in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese Medicinal Materials.
She has rich experience as a doctor.
Na Zhao Qilu Medical College.
She has professional education background in traditional Chinese medicine and nursing science.
She has rich practical experience as a doctor.