School-based Management and Its Effects on the Teacher Satisfaction in Henan Province, China

Journal of Educational Research Progress

Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 29-48, Oct 2022



Sumei Sun(University of Malaya)
Abstract Due to its implementation and popularity, School-based management is a scientific, managerial concept. In recent years, the Ministry of Education has concentrated on implementing and promoting its development in China. Meanwhile, teacher satisfaction received wide attention. This study used quantitative research and took the multi-stage cluster sampling method, and the 392 questionnaires were collected randomly in 6 primary and secondary schools. According to the research results, the finding illuminated that the schools have a high-level autonomy for school management. Besides, teacher satisfaction is also high in schools. Furthermore, there is a significant positive relationship between the level of implementation of SBM and teacher satisfaction. However, there is no significant difference in SBM implementation in primary and secondary schools. Besides, there is also no notable difference based on different genders. Lastly, the multiple regression results show that teacher satisfaction can be predicted by the three independent variables: finance personnel and curriculum. These variables statistically significantly predicted the level of teacher satisfaction. Thus, we concluded that the implementation positively affects teacher satisfaction, and the government still needs to promote the implementation of SBM.
Keywords School-Based Management, Teacher Satisfaction, Decentralization
Citation Sumei Sun(2022).School-based Management and Its Effects on the Teacher Satisfaction in Henan Province, China.Journal of Educational Research Progress,Volume 2, Issue 1, 29-48.